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Here are some of my favorites! Click on the link and get there instantly!


  •  This was produced in Edmond, OK – 4 short video clips about different ways to set up math stations. Also a link to some free math center activities.
  •   Video instructional lessons for students (or teachers who need a refresher). Nicely presented – not overwhelming. Easy to understand. Lesson plans and accompanying documents also available. You can find lessons based on the standard or grade level. Also just use the search window to list your topic. I highly recommend this for K-8 topics. You do need to register to get full access, but it’s free. Also, you can make assignments for students on this site. Good for students who have been absent and missed your instruction.
  •  Math and reading videos showing teaching in action on hundreds of topics.
  •  Great math station activities. Look under headings of Number, Geometry, and Measurement to look at / download the free activities. Under the “store” heading you can purchase all of the centers for about $15. Take a look at the strategies bundle. You can preview to see some excellent ideas to go along with CC standards.
  •   I love Marilyn Burns. This is her company. Video resources, unique problem solving lessons, and her blog. Plus the Math Solutions store. This is where you will find the “Number Talks” book.
  •  Please check out my favorites — “Math Coach’s Corner” Donna Boucher has awesome activities to encourage the concrete-pictorial-abstract progression. Her website blog is Most of her math activities are designed to teach as well as practice, thus helping students gain conceptual understanding while “playing.” She has a good collection of free materials (fraction cards, etc.)
  •  A product of the National Council for Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) —  this site will give you wonderful lesson plan projects and interactives for your technology needs. You can search by standard, by grade level, or by specific topic. See my review posted on January 1 for more details.
  • OK Math Toolkit: This two page document contains the most important math resources you will need regarding OK Math standards and test blueprints. Included is the OK Math Framework link. It was updated in the summer of 2018 with the addition of teaching lessons and links. To find them, click on the unit title (ex: Place Value) in the “Learning Progression” section.
  • This is the site to find all of your Eureka Math needs. Teacher and student resources are all FREE, FREE, FREE!! Here’s a link to their math blog. I highly recommend it. Good topics on place value, number bonds, getting started, etc. Click here for direct access:
  • are great virtual math tools which work great on a laptop or ipad as an app, or on your Smartboard. FREE too! Clocks, coins, base ten, fractions, geoboards, ten frames, pattern blocks, etc.
  •  This is a sight commanded by well-known Stanford mathematics educator Jo Boaler. Lots of great problem solving tasks as well as Data Talks visuals to use for number talks.
  •  You will love Steve’s esti-mysteries (estimation jars with clues) to help your students gain number sense!


  • One of my favorite reading videos is called, “Guided Reading With Jenna.” She is a 5th grade teacher who shows how she implements guided reading and work stations with her class. Excellent!! You will find other great in-action teaching videos on this sight. You need to register, but there is no fee.
  •  Great resource for strategic learning in phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, comprehension, vocabulary and writing. Some teaching videos.
  •  This is the Florida Center for Reading Research. Click here for the Student activities K-5. You will find tons of high quality activities to go with practically every reading skill you need. It’s b/w, but free!! For those of you using Literacy First, there are activities (everything included) to match the skills you are teaching and assessing.
  • Looking for some shorter text passages to use with your class that aren’t as long as your basal story? You can choose by grade level, by lexile level, by skill. A great place to bookmark.
  • Guided Reading – PreLevel A This video features a small group doing some letter work, reading the book Rex (from Fountas and Pinnell LLI KG set), a shared writing experience, and putting together a cut-up-sentence.
  • Guided Reading Group – Level A: This lesson features the book titled “My Best Friend” with one line of text “I ____ my dog.” Emphasis on strategies of one-to-one matching and using the picture, along with new word “my.”
  • LLI Level A First Grade: This lesson features the book “The Painter.” It is a 27 minute video showing a complete lesson. Cue to the 10th minute to start the book intro part. The teacher emphasizes 2 strategies (picture and beginning letter of pictured word to cross check). At about minute 23, you will see word work with individual cookie trays with magnetic letters. I like how this teacher praises use of strategies as the child reads (not just saying “Good Job” but “You used your eagle eye to look at the picture.”)
  • Guided Reading Group – Level B: This lesson features the book “It is Winter” with 2 lines of text “It is winter. There is a _____.” or “There are ______.” Strategies are using the pictures to predict,  looking at the first letter to confirm, and practice with sight words it, is, there.
  • Making a good book introduction – Level D.  This is a video from Pioneer Valley books showing a book introduction on a level D book. It’s more than just a picture walk.
  • Making a good book introduction – 2nd grade. This teacher and students are reading a section at a time and making inferences as they go. The teacher gives a purpose to read a section, provides vocabulary support as needed, and then listens in to individual students before discussing that section.
  • This is a great resource for early childhood educators: letter sounds, cvc words, sight words, blends, digraphs – everything for your word work lessons and centers! If you subscribe, you will get periodic emails which always have freebies attached. She also has good math and STEM resources.
  • Check out: great resource for elementary teachers. She is known as “This Reading Mama.” She provides dozens and dozens of free literacy activities that are very worthy of your consideration. Here’s a link to her website:
  • Graphic Organizers:  These are essential, especially when working with text structures. This one is great for primary:     This one is very good for use with 3rd grade and up:

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  1. Yep, yep and yep! Your site is thorough, easily understood, and applied and catalogs some of my favorite (freeish) online resources. Thank you!

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