Hello Awesome Educators!

Welcome to my brand new blog! I hope to bring you helpful math and reading tips and resources through this blog. This is my first attempt, so please be patient and check often for updates. Check out the “About Me” and “Math Monday Workshops” above.

If there are particular topics you would like me to address first, please let me know. You can comment by clicking on the little speech bubble above.

Thanks so much!

Cindy Elkins

2 thoughts on “Hello Awesome Educators!

  1. I would love some fun ideas to give my parents when they ask “How can I help my child learn his/her math facts?” I teach second grade and have many students who have trouble learning their addition and subtraction facts. Thanks! I enjoy reading your posts!

    • Thanks, Krystal! I remember working with you at NBCT meetings! I will post some addition /subtraction ideas regarding number bonds on my next post – ones that can be used in class or at home.

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