New OK Math Framework

by C. Elkins, OK Math and Reading Lady

At last, some help with regard to organization and implementation of the new math OAS (Oklahoma Academic Standards) has arrived!!!!

The OK State Dept. of Education (via their directors of elementary and secondary math) has assembled a great team of math minded teachers and experts to put together a framework of the newly adopted math standards for Oklahoma. Here is the link: OK Math Framework. Look for the following features:

  • Introduction video (short) – on the lower right side of home page
  • Action and Process Standards
  • Suggested Learning Progression
  • Objective Analysis
  • Organized by grade level
  • Lesson plans and links

Suggested Learning Progression: This is partitioned off into units, suggested timeline, and objectives. Each unit is presented as a bundle of linked objectives. Many objectives are repeated throughout the year, while some objectives are split so that part of the objective is taught in one unit and completed in a later unit (shown by strikethroughs). Makes so much sense!!! Clicking on the title of the unit (ex: Place Value) will take you to another view with sample tasks.

Objective Analysis: Click on any objective number (ex: 1.N.1.4) and you will see a more detailed explanation of the objective, along with student actions, teacher actions, key understandings, and common misconceptions.

In my opinion, Robbyn Glinnsman, Director of Elementary Math, has done a superb job of overseeing this project. She has been at this post for 2 years, after having been a classroom teacher and math coach in Edmond, OK.  She (along with Levi Patrick, Director of Secondary Math) has also maintained a page referred to as the OK Math Toolkit. It has a link to the framework and many other math resources. Click here for access: OK Math Toolkit

Things are looking up, mathwise!!

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