Daily Math Meeting Part 3: Days of the week, patterns, graphing

by Cindy Elkins, OK Math and Reading Lady

In Part 1, I focused on subitizing practice during your meeting time (for PreK-1st grade classes). This week I will focus on days of the week and graphing opportunities.

Days of the Week

  • Rather than posting the whole month at once, post the current date piece each day. Show different ways to write the date (in words, with numbers).
  • Discuss the day before and the day after.
  • Find the day (Monday, Tuesday, etc.). Sing a song or watch a video about the days of the week and months. See list below.
  • Use the number as a focus for the day: If today is the 5th, let’s look at dot cards with 5, ten frames with 5, dice with 5, count to 5, count backward from 5, tally of 5, spelled form, and number bonds of 5.
  • Consider making patterns with your calendar pieces. For example, September could be red apple, green apple, red apple, green apple . . . for an AB pattern. October could be pumpkin, pumpkin, ghost for an AAB pattern. Or use different colors or shapes (circle, square  . . .). Or make patterns based on odd / even numbers, counting by 3’s, 4’s . . . the possibilities are endless.
  • Discuss the pattern, predict what will be next once the pattern is established. Introduce clap patterns which match your chosen calendar pattern. If you are working on AB, then do clap, snap . . . If you are working on ABC patterns, do clap, snap, touch  your knees . . . Have children make up patterns to follow.
  • If you have an upcoming activity, predict what the date will be. Example: We are going to the library in 3 days. Today is Monday, so when is our library day?
  • After the calendar is mostly complete for the month, you can emphasize ordinal numbers. Model how to find the first Friday, the second Tuesday, the third Wednesday, etc. Then have students practice.
  • Consider having a student in charge of the calendar each week as one of the class jobs. This student would post the new calendar piece and then get to lead the class in saying the date and other features of the daily calendar.

Days of the week / months songs (Click on link to go there fast!)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3tx0rvuXIRg (Learning Station)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yIvQOab00OQ (To Adams Family tune)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5enDRrWyXaw (Months)

Graphing Ideas:  The calendar board is a great place to introduce graphing or review it on a regular basis.  You can make graphs or charts using bars, tallies, yes/no, or Venn diagrams.

  • Weather of the day
  • Lunch Choices: Show the choices across the bottom. Each child has their name on a card and places it in the column to match their choice. Use Velcro or a 4 column pocket chart for this.  Since the lunch choices often repeat, make some ahead of time and laminate for durability.  Add pictures for the ability for kids to do this on their own. You could also add a column for “brought lunch” or “absent.” Kids can do this upon entering the room, while taking attendance, while eating breakfast, etc. to save you time.
  • Question of the day: There are endless possibilities, but here are a few — How many siblings do you have? Do you prefer white or chocolate milk? What time do you go to bed each night? Have a laminated piece of construction paper to record results – this way you can change the type of chart/graph you need according to the question.

Then it is important to ask guiding questions about your graph. Focus on counting and concepts such as more, less, greater, fewer, equal, same, compare, total.

There are so many ways to focus on number sense during your math meeting, but don’t get overwhelmed. You can’t do everything on every feature every day — too much!!! Develop a routine that fits with your time schedule. Example: Post the date on Monday. Talk about the patterns on Tuesday, ordinal numbers on Wednesday, upcoming dates on Thursday, sing a song on Friday,  etc.  With your graphs: Make the graph on Tuesday, then discuss results over the next 2-3 days.


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