Blog interruption announcement

by C. Elkins, OK Math and Reading Lady

Those of you who are subscribers were all abruptly unsubscribed about 10 days ago due to some type of technical glitch from the web-hosting company or the district.  Therefore, those of you with a email address did not receive my automatic posts the last two times. It has now been fixed (cross your fingers), so I am arranging this to be sent out Tuesday night to check. Once I see it is ok, I will schedule it back to Sundays. . . but I will take a couple of weekends off around the holidays.

Thanks for hanging in there with me!!  Happy Holidays!!

P.S.  The fix from the webhosting site did not work. 🙁    So, I’m working on Plan B.  In the meantime, if any of you who were subscribed with your address switch over to your personal email, I will put your name into my next $25 gift card drawing.  This will be held late January. I’ll keep you updated. Please email me when you have done that if your email address name doesn’t reflect who you are (so I can keep track and not have to resubscribe you when the address becomes active – IF it becomes active.) Thank you!!!

2 thoughts on “Blog interruption announcement

  1. So good to hear from you! I miss seeing you on my visits to your former school! Hope you are “enjoying” your studies. I am sure you are looking forward to some time off from that and holiday time with family as well.

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